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Carefully Crafted Accounting Support

Financial Administration

Financial Reports including Cash-flow Reports which means complete financial analysis. Customized reports, spreadsheets utilizing   sophisticated financial software programs are created on a project-to-project basis to streamline day to day accounting operations in a bank like manner.  Our strength in analyzing and understanding accounting systems enable us to serve across wide range of portfolios, identify and develop tracking mechanism of key operating metrics.



  • Trial Balance

  • Operating or Income & Expense Statement

  • Balance-Sheet

  • Cash Receipt Report

  • Check Register

  • Cash-Flow Report

  • G/L Transactions Detailed Summary

  • Other Customized Reports

Lease Administration

Tracking of pertinent lease data that governs future vacancies, annual rent increases, CPI increases, percentage rent, lease options, lease renewals and expirations.  Review contracts, agreements relating to  capital expenditure with respect to a specific tenant, space or the entire property.  Process monthly billings, A/R, and provide  delinquency reports for follow-up. Annual Cam /Expenses pass through / Escalations Reconciliations.



  • Rent Roll

  • Space Measurements

  • Lease Abstracts

  • Tenant's Ledger

  • Charge-backs Report

  • Lease Expiration Report

  • Pending Billing Report

  • Base Rent  Increases

  • Cam Reconciliation Report

  • CPI Escalations

  • Expenses Pass-through

  • Percentage Rent Analysis Report

Client Services

We handle all aspects of Accounting related to Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping- centers, Warehouses, Malls & Residential Properties.


We  have an experienced and skilled team that breezes to a smooth implementation. They also are well versed in transposing financial data correctly. 

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